Radiate health & happiness from the inside out –
and empower your kids to do the same!

Where ever-giving moms, like you, who want to feel like a more fulfilled, radiant version of themselves come to learn spirit-centered mindfulness practices. Here you’ll find practices for yourself, your teens, tweens and kids. My passion is to empower moms and kids to develop an emotionally resilient, love-centered inner world that supports their whole health and happiness in their outer world!

We’re in this Together!

If you want your kids to…

feel a strong sense of self-love and self-worth that will support them throughout their life,

know how to find a sense of inner peace when they feel anxious and overwhelmed,

value the health of their whole self — their body, mind and Spirit …


you often feel lost, too busy or are just unsure how because deep down, you struggle with these things yourself …

You’re in the right place!

Create Your Love Empowered Life

What does a LOVE emPOWERed Life include?

A love-filled inner world where mindful qualities such as self-awareness, self-acceptance, compassion, gentleness, forgiveness and joyfulness are practiced and shared with others.

Why emPOWERed moms are needed?

Because LOVE emPOWERed moms raise LOVE emPOWERed kids! Moms are the role models of the next generation. The more you fill your cup, the more you’ll have to give and the more your kids will learn to do the same.

What do LOVE emPOWERed kids bring to the world? 

By tuning into the power of their inner world, they bring compassion, confidence, resilience, and joy to their outer world!

Health & Happiness

that radiates from the INSIDE out! 

I’m here to Support You!

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Workshops / Events

Live a healthy lifestyle because you ARE beautiful, not to become beautiful! sm


“In a short period of time, Pam’s perspective & activities around mindfulness have been hugely impactful. Through Pam’s calm presence, she was able to teach me how to effectively meditate to stay grounded, practice positive nutritional choices within a hectic schedule, & implement small changes to help me be more present, patient & purposeful in managing my day & approaching life’s challenges. I look forward to the continued implementation of these practices to grow personally & professionally. Thank you Pam!”

Andrea Eshenbaugh

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The 5-Minute Ritual that Transformed our Busy Mornings from Chaotic to Connected!

"Mommy, I feel so good today. Like SO good!! Thank you. I love you so much."
~ my teen son’s text from the bus.

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