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10 Tips to Transform Holiday Stress Back to Joyfulness!

If you're like me, your emotions around the on Thanksgiving eve are a mixed bag.   On one hand, I’m soooooo looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving!   I love getting the chance to relax and spend time with extended family, being in a cozy house filled with the...

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4 Tools to Push Beyond Guilt and Take the Leap!

Has an opportunity ever pulled on your heartstrings, but you let it pass you by because you felt too guilty to take the time for yourself, spend the money, or ask for help with your children?   If you’re like me, your answer is a resounding yes.   But Mama, counter to...

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Mega Fail to Mission-Driven: Part 2 of My Story

Despite my disdain for gym class and any other activity that highlighted how unathletic I was, I welcomed the idea of moving my body more. Whether it was performing dance concerts in my bedroom or roller skating in my basement, I’d always loved movement. So I decided...

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I Wasn’t Born This Way: Part 1 of My Story

When nobody was looking? I’d dig into the Easy-Bake Oven box and mix myself up some chocolate cake batter. This was usually in short supply, so my second choice was to make myself some homemade cinnamon apple crisp -- only without the apples. I’d scoop butter and...

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Discover a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle Deeply Rooted in Love

People often assume that living a healthy lifestyle has always been a walk in the park for me. I’ve had people make comments like, “Yeah you don’t get it. It’s easy for you.” But that’s not the case. As a child, I loved food, but not always in a healthy way. Like many...

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14 Steps to Joy-Full, Guilt-Free Eating

To me, sitting down to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. Just ask my family. They get a kick out of imitating me tilting my head back and releasing a guttural “mmmmmm” when I taste something I really like. And it makes great...

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Healthy Grapefruit Recipes

What’s round, pink, detoxifying, helps control appetite just by smelling it, gives your skin a healthy glow, helps keeps away tummy bloat,​ contains powerful antioxidants, is full of heart-healthy nutrients, and is naturally sweet and juicy?

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Transform Mealtime from Frustrating to Fun!

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Would you like some tactics to get your kids to WANT to make healthy choices? This download includes 3 easy tactics to make mealtime fun while helping your kids learn to value a healthy lifestyle!

I've also included a bonus surprise inside! You get a FREE printable FUELFOOD Chart from my new children's book, The Super Dynamos Fuel Up!: Max's Transformation Begins!

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