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People often assume that living a healthy lifestyle has always been a walk in the park for me. I’ve had people make comments like, “Yeah you don’t get it. It’s easy for you.”


But that’s not the case.


As a child, I loved food, but not always in a healthy way. Like many of us, I often used food as a surrogate friend — a friend who would comfort me for a few minutes, leaving me feeling fuller physically but emptier emotionally. My distorted relationship with food reverberated into a distorted relationship with my body, exacerbating my inhibitions and creating stress around physical activity.


Even more, it distorted my Spirit, preventing me from living each day as the fullest expression of my true self.


I’ve since redefined my relationship with food and exercise, a journey that began when I was just 7 years old. Along the way, I awakened to a way of relating to my physical well-being that empowered me to free myself of stress, self-judgment, and self-criticism and has kept me motivated for over 20 years.


But when I became a Mom, things changed. I found out the hard way that my lifestyle was incomplete. 


Four years ago, I found myself feeling completely disconnected from the real me. And I had become a short-tempered, disconnected Mom and wife. I realized that it wasn’t only my relationship with my physical well-being that needed my attention if I wanted to fully become the vibrant, fulfilled woman I longed to be. My emotional and spiritual well-being had been bumped and bruised and craved the same care I put into healing my relationship with food and exercise.


Since then, I’ve been on a mission to discover what pieces were missing from my lifestyle. And I’ve been committed to learning how to weave these new self-care practices into my busy life in a way that keeps me from feeling guilt or stress.


For the first time in my life, I feel whole and fulfilled.


This is why I feel so incredibly impassioned about creating this space for you. I want to share all I’ve learned in hopes that you’ll discover your own life-changing epiphanies that will empower you to create a healthier, happier lifestyle that’s Joyful and Lasting and deeply rooted in Love.


But that’s not all!


The more YOU experience how amazing a love-based lifestyle feels, the more your children will learn why and how to do the same. How?


They’ll see the real, beautiful you shine through.


And they’ll learn from you the way they learn best — not by hearing what you say, but by seeing what you do.


If you want to be included in the growing group of moms who are empowering their kids to develop a love-filled inner world so they can radiate true health and happiness in their outer world — and learning how to do the same for themselves — enter your email below.