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I’d like to officially welcome summer! My boys are now on summer break and the craziness is in full swing. So I wanted to share some strategies I am planning to do each day to keep myself focused on the fun aspects of having the boys (and their friends) at home everyday, versus the chaos and mess that makes Mommy cuckoo! They (appropriately) happen to include both fun and self-care.


4 Daily Fun / Self-Care Strategies


1) Put each boy in charge of a household task. I mean really let them take charge and hold the rest of us accountable for doing our part. We’ll see how it goes, but my hope is that feel like they have an important role in helping our house to work like a well-oiled machine (LOL!) and to learn a greater sense of responsibility.


2) Meditate. At least for a few minutes each day, I plan to honor my need for quiet time. Meditation gives me a sense of peacefulness that transcends beyond those few quiet moments. When I practice it regularly, I feel lighter and more relaxed. Because it also helps me to feel attuned to my body, I’m more effective at responding in a calm, thoughtful manner when my buttons are pushed, rather than totally losing my cool. But if I do lose my cool, I can let it go and rebound emotionally rather than lose the rest of my day to the grip of guilt like I used to do. 


3) Commit to spending a few minutes each day to laugh and play with my kids. It’s easy to say we’re going to do this. It’s summer after all. Who doesn’t want to have a little fun each day? But the days can fly by when they’re packed full. Being conscious and purposeful to include a little fun into the day is the key to making it happen.


4) Slow down time. I practiced this last summer and it truly made the summer seem to pass by more slowly. Several times throughout the day, I’d get fully present. I’d stop to notice all the blessings and beauty surrounding me, breathe in the fresh air, thank God for the day, and allow the joy of the moment to wash over me.


Now it’s your turn. Us Moms need to hear from you, too! What strategies you use to stay calm and connected rather than cuckoo for coconuts? Please share in the comments below.