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Ever feel like you’re carrying an extra ten pounds of weight around, but rather than being caused by an overabundance of ice cream, it’s an overabundance of worries weighing you down?


The ugly truth.


Even though there’s always more good things happening in the world than bad, most of what we hear highlights the bad.


And when our worldly worries pile on top of our personal woes, it creates a feeling of unrest inside our hearts that can have the opposite effect on the feelings of peace we want to experience in our personally and globally.


Download the meditation from my Empowering Tools page.


I’m not typically a betting girl.


But, I’ll go ahead and wager that you’ve wished many times that you had the power within you to make the world a more peaceful place.


My friend, I have good news for you.


You have more power than you think.


Consider this …


Everything on our planet, including people, vibrate. We give off a vibrational energy. When we’re in a positive energetic state, we give off a high vibration. When we’re in a negative energetic state, we give off a low vibration. And our vibration affects much more than just ourselves. Our vibration produces a ripple effect that extends into the world around us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re engaged in great conversation and then a total downer joins the group and their energy brings down everyone’s vibe? Better yet, what happens when a person with positive, upbeat energy joins in? That person can “light up the room” with their high vibration, right?


What does this mean? …


It means that when you create peace within, you create peace in the world!


When this happened, I felt it!


I recently had an experience that made this concept really come alive for me. I wanted to share it with the hope that it might land more deeply for you, too.


Last week, I went to my favorite hot yoga class. Most of the time when I practice yoga, I go into my own little world. It’s one of the reasons I love yoga so much.


Yoga allows me a chance to get some genuine me time to care for myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Here and there during any given class, I check-in and consciously connect to the energy of the room. But the time I spend doing so are usually just fleeting moments.


Today was different.


The class was more crowded than usual, so I took an available spot in the back row. Toward the end of class, the instructor called out one of my faves, tree pose. I reached my arms up and leg up and watched as the people in front of me, one by one, did the same.


Suddenly, a deep appreciation for every person in that room washed over me. We were all rooting ourselves in tree pose sharing the same intention — to practice self-care so that we are able to show up in our lives as our best selves.

As I stood there, I could literally feel the energy of the room balance me in my pose. And I knew more than ever before that together, that our energy was undoubtedly extending beyond those walls.


The outcome.

Do you know what happens when we take time to practice self-care?


We organize the disorganized energy within ourselves, which raises our vibration and ultimately creates peacefulness within our hearts.


By creating peace within, we emanate peace in the world around us!


So when you’re feeling like life is out of control, when life feels more weighty than wonderful, taking time for you will not only help you feel lighter and more peaceful within, but you’ll actually be helping to make the world a better, more peaceful place for all of us!


YOUR cup will spilleth over!


3 Easy Ways to Create Peace Within and in the World


Here are 3 things you can do today to raise YOUR vibration and make the positive impact you’ve always wanted to make:

  1. Do this FREE 10-Minute Meditation for Inner Peace. Click here to listen in.
  2. Do this short mindfulness exercise:  Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe in gratitude for all that’s right with you and in the world. As you breathe, allow your heart to relax and expand as the feeling of gratitude creates a peacefulness within your heart. As you exhale, imagine this peacefulness flowing freely into the space around you expanding and reaching farther and father until it covers the world.  
  3. Try a yoga class, group meditation/mindfulness class, or another group activity that uplifts your spirit and leaves you feeling energized and inspired! Note: if you don’t have one but would like to join one, be sure to email me and I will get you connected to my invitation-only group.

Bonus! — Your Love-Motivated Lifestyle Tip for Exercise Motivation

Want to know something cool?


One of the reasons I stay motivated to exercise is because I often get profound insights like this one while getting a ridiculously sweaty workout!


And, my friend, you can have them, too!


Your LML Tip: When you exercise, tune into the whole you — your body, your mind and your spirit! When you do, and you do so mindfully, exercise in all forms has the potential to give you deeper insight into you and the world around you, developing not only your physical muscles, but also you’re mental, emotional and spiritual ones!


With love from your Spirit-Centered Health and Happiness Coach,