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Have you been feeling more emotional than normal?


Maybe you’ve noticed that the feelings you normally feel are more intense than usual.


Maybe your mood had been unpredictable. One minute you’re fine. The next minute you feel overcome by a heaviness in your heart, but you can’t pinpoint what’s causing it.


Maybe you’ve noticed this happening with your children, too.


If so, this short, grounding meditation is for you. Here’s why. 


These past few months have triggered a new level of emotion in all of us. Some feel fear, some anxiety, some overwhelm, some anger, some loneliness and some sadness. If you’re like me, you’ve experienced all of them!


Something we don’t talk about much is how the energy in the world around us impacts our own energy and emotions. Especially for those of us who are more sensitive. And particularly for those of us who are highly empathic.


Most of us aren’t taught how to manage our own energy and emotions, much less know how to decipher and deal with the emotions we feel that are coming from someone else. How, then, are we expected as parents to support our children when we see them struggling with a new level of emotion when we don’t know how to effectively care for our own?


The meditation I recorded for you was inspired by a grounding meditation I learned from one of my teachers who is a renown energy healer, Jeffrey Allen.


You don’t need to know much about the interplay of our energy and emotions to benefit from this meditation. All you need is an open mind and a willing heart!


This short, but powerful practice will help you shed the energy or emotions that you may have picked up from others that are impacting your own. It will also help you feel more present, grounded and centered.



I’ve experienced these benefits myself, but what’s even cooler is seeing the difference in my kids when we practice it together.


There’s another benefit I LOVE that I didn’t expect to receive. During the meditation, you’ll be guided to bring all the energy you give to others back into your own body. I was blown away by how energized I felt as I practiced this!


Particularly moms, but also dads, grandparents, caregivers, even our kids — all of us — give so much of ourselves without restoring our own energy in the process. This can leave us feeling depleted, which makes us even more vulnerable to emotional swings. What I’ve found is that doing this each morning (I incorporate it into my personal morning meditation practice) helps me restore and protect my energy so I feel like a more complete version of ME!


Something else that happened is that after practicing it just a few times, I developed a vivid visualization that I now use whenever I notice not-good feeling emotions or negative building inside me throughout my day. I do it standing in my kitchen, sitting on my office chair, wherever. I just close my eyes and allow the visualization to work its magic.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I hope it serves you as it is me. If you like it, please share it with anyone you know who may benefit from it — including your kids.


Here is the meditation I recorded, it is also available on the Tools page.