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Do you ever have days when there’s so much “noise” and chaos going on around you that the idea of escaping to a deserted island to enjoy some peace and quiet, even for just a little while, sounds dreamy?



Find Peace and Quiet in Your Day with this One-Minute Exercise!



You don’t have to physically transport yourself to get experience that “deserted island” feeling. There’s something you can do right here, right now, to find some peace and quiet. All it takes is one minute a little self-love.
Find Out How …



The Exercise: Miracle Island of Peace and Quiet


When I was on vacation a few years ago, I started practicing this short, but powerful exercise. I actually forgot about this little gem for awhile. Fortunately, we were on vacation last week and being in that peaceful environment reminded me. And let me say, I believe the timing was more than a coincidence and ironically affirmed the name I gave it years ago — miracle island.



You see, we’re on day three of school cancellations. What does that mean for this work-at-home mom who was already playing catch up from being gone for a week? Laundry, dishes, clutter, clutter and more clutter, and noise. In a word? Chaos!



As the tension started building, I could hear myself snapping at my boys more harshly than they deserved. But even worse than that was the fact that I wasn’t enjoying the extra time with them, nor was I being productive. Instead, I felt overwhelmed by all that needed my attention. Instead of picking one thing to do at a time and doing it well, I was haphazardly doing ten things at once, none of them mindfully and none of them well.



Until ….



I pulled this little gem out of my back pocket and slipped in a momentary space of peace and quiet. And afterwards, I jotted down on a piece of paper all that I needed and WANTED to accomplish and agreed with myself to set the rest aside.



Why do I call this exercise Miracle Island of Peace and Quiet?




  1. The benefits of doing this short, powerful practice can be felt in one minute
  2. It releases tension, creating space for you to experience a moment of peace and quiet
  3. The shift you can experience from such a short visualization meditation is a miracle



I suggest reading through this a few times before you try it to make sure you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.



Step 1: Close Your Eyes.



Wherever you are and in whatever position you’re in whether lying, sitting, or standing, close your eyes (as long as you’re safe, of course). Notice how your body is feeling.



Step 2: Breathe.



With your mouth closed, slowly take one deep inhale through your nose allowing soothing, replenishing oxygen to fill your whole belly and lungs and exhale slowly.



Step 3: Relax



On your next inhale, allow your shoulders to drop. Relax your head, mouth, tongue and hands. Imagine the sound of your breath that’s moving in and out of your nose in a relaxed rhythm is the sound of ocean waves.



Step 4: Visualize



Imagine yourself sitting on a peaceful, quiet, deserted island. Notice the beautiful scenery all around you. Feel the soft sand under you, supporting you. The only thing sound you hear is the sound of the waves, and nothing more. Notice the expansiveness of the blue sky. Gently tilt your head back just slightly and imagine the warmth of the sun caressing your face. You may feel a tingling sensation. Imagine this sensation as a soft breeze soothing and recharging your whole body. Allow yourself to bask in the peaceful feeling this visualization brings for as long as you can.

(Note: if there’s a different environment that’s both relaxing and stimulating, visualize that instead.)



Step 5: Smile



When you finish, gently open your eyes and with intention, smile. Keep this gentle smile with you as you mindfully choose what it is that you’re going to do next.



Warning: Once you practice this a few times, you may start to notice that a buzzing feeling or goosebumps. This is a sign that you’re raising your vibration and allowing things to flow more easily for you!