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Last week, you got an introduction to a revolutionary, self-affirming approach to living a healthy lifestyle — using LOVE as your motivator. I also tell you some of my own story of how I made this life-changing shift. Read article.



Why should you consider this a revolutionary concept? Because living a LOVE-Motivated Lifestyle requires you to make a 180-degree pivot away from what you’ve been taught.



Society tells us that we should live a healthy lifestyle to fix ourselves, whether it’s our appearance, our weight, our energy, our confidence, or even our health. The underlying message of this approach is that we’re inherently broken. And if we fix our “issues,” we’ll be healthy and happy, so we can live our best lives.  



While I agree wholeheartedly that making healthy choices leads to improvements in lots of areas of our lives, I believe that our bodies are divine gifts that are already whole, beautiful, and healthy.



We don’t need to fix ourselves: we need to love ourselves.



Looking at our lifestyle from the perspective of inherent wholeness is a subtle, yet profound, difference.



From this vantage point, gratitude for our bodies, minds, and spirits naturally increases the value we place on our health. This shift makes it easier to make mindful choices that serve us and support our health and happiness so we can live our best life!  



Living a LOVE-Motivated Lifestyle doesn’t fix us, but rather empowers us to reveal our true selves!



The coolest part is that this approach extends beyond your health choices. It can be applied to all your life choices.



But for now, to support you in making this mental shift, we’ll stay focused on helping you live a LOVE-Motivated Lifestyle.



How Do You Begin to Make the Shift?



Step #1

The first step is to think about why you believe that it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle. Be gentle with yourself. Just notice without judgment.



Step #2

The second step is to begin to notice the motivation behind your lifestyle choices as you’re making them.



Your lifestyle choices are choices that effect your overall health, well-being and happiness. This includes things like:

  • what you eat
  • your sleep routine
  • what you do when you get up in the morning
  • what you do before you go to bed
  • who you choose to spend your time around
  • if and when you exercise
  • what you choose to spend your free time doing
  • how you relieve stress
  • your spiritual practices
  • the way you relate and respond to others
  • the way you perceive and talk to yourself.



Successful change can only happen through awareness. Becoming aware of what your reasons, motivation and emotions are before you make choices is the first step to making a shift to live a lifestyle that’s motivated by LOVE.




I’d like to invite you to get a journal where you can write down what you insights you gain. This will give you a better understanding of what is going on in your head and heart behind both the choices that serve you, and the ones that sabotage you.



In upcoming posts, we’ll explore how gaining this clarity will lay the foundation for you to make empowering lifestyle choices that are in alignment with your values and how you want to feel each day.