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STARTS JANUARY 30, 2020 | 12:30PM to 2:00PM
Continues each month on the 3rd Thursday

Do you want to raise emotionally resilient kids who have a strong sense of self-love and self-worth, but worry because deep down you struggle to feel this way yourself? 

Have you ever stayed up at night worrying because you want to help your kids feel like their happiest, healthiest selves, but you struggle to feel this way yourself and aren’t sure how to set them up for success?

If so, these circles are for you!

What you’ll be giving yourself is a chance to …

Practice. Learn. Connect! In our circles, you’ll get to … 


  • Practice a grounding exercise to help you become present  
  • Learn a stress-relieving breathing technique you can use at home (and teach your kids)
  • Learn ways to use mindfulness to bring more fulfillment into your life
  • Connect with other supportive moms
  • Experience the peacefulness that meditation brings 

Walk away from each circle with …. 


  • awareness and tools to identify and reduce triggers that cause your stress/anxiety 
  • techniques that increase your energy and mood by clearing blocks that drain you  
  • ways to process your emotions so you can respond more and react less 
  • a deeper connection with yourself that supports greater connection with your loved ones 
  • the tools to make life feel less monotonous and more magical!
  • greater sense of inner peace, fulfillment and joy! 

Hi, I’m Pamela. I felt this way, too. And it kept me from fully enjoying all the blessings in my life and compromised the connection I felt with my loved ones — and myself. 

I often found myself feeling overwhelmed, overly-reactive, and under-equipped. 

Then one day, I attended my first group meditation class. In that space, I felt safe to let my guard down and just BE. The sense of peace I experienced blew me away. I left feeling renewed and inspired. And I felt the benefits for weeks!

I’d been maintaining a healthy lifestyle for years. But that experience helped me see that eating healthy and exercising alone were not enough to help me fully embody my happiest, healthiest self. I needed to take care of my whole health — my body and my mind and my Spirit!

You can make the shift!

The way my life has changed since I started integrating mindfulness and meditation in my life has been nothing short of magical.

  • I look at life through a lens of love, which has brought more love into my life.
  • I’ve come to better understand my emotions and have tools to process them (and feel empowered to help my kids do the same!).
  • I’ve enhanced my sense of self and self-worth, which as allowed me to connect more authentically with my loved ones.
  • I’ve learned that I have the power to experience greater joy and fulfillment in my everyday life!

What may sound surprising is that I did not reconnect with that old me. Instead, I became an even better version of me! 

YOU deserve to experience a transformation like this, too!  

To experience a transformation like this requires two things. One, your commitment to taking care of your whole self. Two, having a teacher who comes with both personal and professional experience and a deep desire to make a positive difference in your life. 

I created these circles because I believe that you and I together can help make the world a better place for our kids. In my opinion, it’s moms who hold the power to create real change. As you offer yourself more love, acceptance, compassion and care, your kids will learn to do the same. One Mama, one home at a time, we’ll bring more love into the world! 

I often feel overwhelmed/stressed with all the things that need to be done to take care of my family and home. The circles have been a widespread benefit for me and my family. I’m learning how to just let go and breathe. I’m learning how to live a happier life. I truly enjoy them!” ~ ROBIN, 2019 Circle Participant

Imagine …

How it would feel if you had a safe space where you knew you could go every few weeks to slip off your shoes, leave all your cares at the door and breathe? Even better, imagine how it would impact your family if you went home feeling refreshed and renewed and felt empowered to teach them how to do the same. 

The mindfulness classes have been valuable in teaching me tools to get grounded during the day by making small changes to my daily routine. With each class I learn a bit more that I can build on. It has also been very helpful in helping me control and ease my tension headaches. ” ~ JACKIE, 2019 Circle Participant

This is an investment with benefits that extend beyond you. 

Because you’ll show up as the more authentic you …

Because you’ll become an even more positive, powerful role model for your kids…

You’re investing in your whole family’s health and happiness!

STARTS JANUARY 30, 2020 | 12:30PM to 2:00PM

PLUS 30-Bonus minutes for conversation and connection. 
Continues each month on the 3rd Thursday
12 sessions for $216 (Drop-in fee is $26) 

Last day to register is January 29, 2020
Payment Plans available. 

Whats included…

Each month in 2020, Mama this is for you!

  • Twelve 1.5 hour in-person circles
  • Handouts and downloadables
  • 5 LOVE emPOWERed Morning Intentions per week texted directly to your phone to set yourself and your kids up for a happy, heart-centered day!


I enjoy the circles the most b/c it brings women together, we have a chance to talk about real life issues and learn how to deal with them in a holistic way. Pam provides us a safe, non-judgmental space to be ourselves. At the end of the circle I always feel like I learned something that can be applied into my everyday life but also a feeling of acceptance, gratitude and peace.” ~ ANDREA, 2019 Circle Participant

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an evening option?

If 6 women enroll by Sunday, January 12th, yes! So enroll now and then share this with a friend. (If the circle does not get filled by this date, you will receive a full refund.)

Do I have to enroll in all 12 sessions?

This circle is a 12-month commitment. The topics build on one another. This act of self-love that will lay the foundation for a year of growth and renewal that will support you for the rest of your life. 

What if something comes up and I am no longer able to attend the circles for reasons outside of my control?

All circles will be recorded so you can listen to the playback whenever is convenient for you. You’ll also receive an email with all the practices we cover in each circle.  

What if after the first circle I decide that they’re just not for me?

You will have 48 hours after the first circle of the series to cancel. If cancelled within that time period, you will receive a full refund.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll need a journal and pen. Occasionally a yoga mat.

Meet your Mindfulness Circle Facilitator, Pamela Power Scanlon

Family health & happiness advocate, author, and creator of the award-winning children’s book, The Super Dynamos, Pamela Power Scanlon, is empowering moms and kids to feel healthy and happy from the inside out!

Pamela has shared her passion for healthy living as a Mindfulness Facilitator, MBSR-T (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens) instructor, kids’ yoga instructor, a Lifestyle Interventionist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and a personal trainer.

Once she became a mom, Pamela gained even greater insight into the importance of living a lifestyle that not only promotes physical health, but also emotional and spiritual health. Overcoming her personal struggles fueled her passion to support other moms in achieving this balance first within themselves, and consequently their families.

Today, Pamela has built a lifestyle brand around creating healthy, happy families where love, versus health or weight, is the motivator and health becomes one of many outcomes. Her circles, programs, website, blog and children’s book provide moms and kids with simple, yet powerful tools to align their bodies, minds, and spirits.

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