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Discover Your Joy – Journal Exercise
Develop a deeper understanding of the kinds of experiences that bring YOU joy.

4-Step Refresh and Reset Exercise
Clear away heavy feelings like irritability, and mental fog with this easy to do exercise!

Positive Affirmations Do Work!
Learn how to make your affirmations work in your life.

6 Keys to Shift from Fear to Love
Let Love transform knee-jerk, Fear-based thoughts to Trust, Wholeness, Gratitude, Compassion…

Warm Apple Nut Oat-Free Oatmeal
Oat-Free, Dairy-Free breakfast that’s sharable.

Energy Cheat Sheet
Short and Sweet, learn 8 ways to reclaim your spirit.

Motivation Assessment
Reclaim Your Energy & Spirit with this motivation worksheet.

Replace That With This!
Supportive, empowering language to develop a positive mindset toward healthy living.


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Mindful 2:3 Belly Breath
Help Kids Become Aware of the Power of their Breath.

The 5-Minute Ritual that Transformed our Busy Mornings from Chaotic to Connected!

"Mommy, I feel so good today. Like SO good!! Thank you. I love you so much."
~ my teen son’s text from the bus.

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